Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memorial Day - Which Path Will You Take?

Memorial Day Weekend. What does it mean to you? For many of us it means welcoming in summer and an excuse to party. So as you plan the menu of chips, dip, hot dogs and beer, you probably don't have healthy snacks and a good gym workout as top priorities. Holidays are a dangerous time because they are a great excuse to not engage in health related habits.

The reality is that blowing it is not a big deal. However, if you blow off your healthy habits over the holiday weekend you are going to then be faced with two paths. The first is to continue to eat poorly and not exercise. If you take this path you run the risk of one week turning into two weeks, which can turn into a month very easily. Very quickly you will find yourself no longer sticking with your healthy habits. The other path is to get back on track with the diet, exercise or other health habits you were doing before the holiday.

How do you do this? Three simple steps. 

1. Get perspective- one day does not equal failure

2. Spend 5 minutes developing an action plan for the week:

            -Your goals for the week

            - Set your schedule

                        -Exercise- what days, what times?

                        -Diet- what meals ?                

                        -Activity levels- using stairs, taking a walk

3. Write it all down and put it up on the fridge.

Why is this going to help? Because doing these 3 simple steps will start the health behaviors back up again. It's going to be much harder not to exercise or get back on your diet if you have made a plan and can see it on your fridge. It's that simple folks.

Remember- what you do or don't do everyday effects your health more than anything else. What you plan tonight will set the stage for the rest of the week... Spend a little time tonight- be successful next week and the weeks to come. Have a great Memorial Day.

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