Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Looking to the New Year

It's early, I know-- but folks are asking already-- so here we go... Your fool proof plan for sticking with the resolution whatever it may be..

Here’s what we all tend to forget… most resolutions are promises for life long change—not temporary change – think about it—diet, exercise, relationships all resolutions that we talk about in terms of the rest of our lives—and that changes how we should think about them.. No one is going to be perfect for a lifetime—but we all need to have a way to stay on track, a plan to go to for a life time. Here are five basic skills that will help you with any resolution: 

Set specific and reachable goals. Don’t be afraid to readjust them if they are too general or too difficult.

Monitor your progress—keeping mental track of what you’re doing simply doesn’t work—just write down what you do—if its dieting write down the food you eat, if its spending less, write down your purchases

Arrange your life for success--- there will be barriers to success everywhere—control what you control—if it’s spending less- get rid of the credit cards—if its dieting – get rid of the junk food—if it’s exercising have your clothes out the night before

Recruit support—don’t assume everyone will automatically be there to encourage you... If you aren’t getting the support you need- ask for it

Treat yourself—you have to be good to yourself and your new behaviors—the principle is simple reward a behavior and it will happen again—

Finally, use the 3 day rule – if you’ve gone 3 days without doing your health habit, stop, write down the reasons why and pick an exact date to get back on track—put that date up on the fridge.

Bottom line -motivation can not carry your through-a lifetime--  when you feel like your struggling to stick with it- go back to these basic actions—they work—and they will keep you on track.

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