Thursday, September 18, 2008

They Are Driving Me Insane!

We’ve all been there, a friend who is constantly having life crises, family members who simply drive us nuts, co-workers who are strange, rude, abrasive, children who push our buttons every day. We care about these people but their “issues” seem to consume us, and frankly make our lives less than desirable.. What can we do? Here are 5 tips for keeping sane admidst the insanity...

5 Tips To Keep Your Sanity

Remind yourself that this is their problem not your problem – if you let their problem become your problem then you lose.

Remind yourself that their behavior may be a signal of their struggle and their pain (they are not necessarily having fun either).

Respect and honor them for what they are not what they can’t seem to be (and if there is nothing there to honor and respect – move on).

Be brave enough to point out their “craziness” in a kind, loving, and caring manner. If no one brings it up- they may never know.

Recognize that this is your life- you choose who is in it and how much they are in it. You may need to cut the ties to family, friends loved ones in order to live the life you want. And that’s ok.

If you want more on this topic checkout the archived show "They're Driving Me Crazy"

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