Friday, September 19, 2008

Sex By The Numbers

My wife and I gave a seminar last night at Our Lady of The Valley Catholic Church in Birmingham. It was part of a marriage enrichment series. The title was "How to Spice Up Your Marriage". But really it was the science behind sexuality. I think many of us don't know "the truth" about sexual relationships among married couples. I say the truth because there is a science to this... So here are some tidbits from last night's seminar.

Sexuality adds 15-20% to marital vitality and satisfaction. Paradoxically, non-sexual marriage is a 50-75% drain.
Take home here-- a good sexual relationship can add to a good marriage. A bad sexual relationship can be devistaing.

If you're thinking about the quality of your own sexual relationship with your spouse, try this idea from Barry McCarthy, Ph.D. It's called "The Good Enough Concept".

When it comes to sexual experiences:
40-50% of experiences are very good for both
20-25% are very good for one and fine for the other
20-25% are acceptable but not remarkable
5-15% are mediocre or failure

If you as a copule can accept and embrace these guidelines- the research shows that you will have greater satisfaction in your sexual relationship.

How are you doing?

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