Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dealing with Crisis

The earthquake in Haiti has devastated the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The stories are tragic and unbelievable. Individuals, who have lost everything and whose future is unknown. How will they push on?

 It is so easy to look at the conditions many of these folks face and to say to ourselves- I don’t think I could do it. But you know what- many of us could. The will to survive is so instinctual, so hardwired, but thankfully, it is rarely called upon. We all have it, but some people are better equipped to deal with tragedy. They are better at bouncing back—that bouncing back is called resiliency and it is something you can learn.

 Here are some simple ways you can strengthen yours for any situation you may face.

 1. Strengthen your relationships- with family, friends, co-workers, and people in your community. Help others out give a little of yourself- it is a great way to make connections.

 2. Set realistic goals and take action—when problems are overwhelming and goals are not reachable, people feel hopeless and powerless. Literally picking one goal for the day can help you move in the direction you want to go is enough to keep you going.

 3. Find meaning in the situation - as tough as this sounds if you can learn something about yourself you can use that learning in your future. So maybe it’s discovering your survival skills, or a strengthened sense of spiritually or simply an appreciation for life focus on what you can take with you as you move on in life.

 4.  Take care of your physical and mental health – participate in activities that both relax and engage your mind and relax and engage your body. A healthy body and mind is much better equipped to deal with strong emotions and extreme circumstances. Spend a small part of each day that focuses on improving your physical and mental health.

 We are all born with an instinct to survive, but building your resiliency will simply help you navigate your life’s journey with greater confidence and be better prepared to deal with circumstances that are beyond your control.

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