Friday, January 8, 2010

Are you afraid of the big bad gym? Gym Phobia

It’s the start of a new year and for many of us that means the promise of joining a gym and getting regular exercise. But let’s face it, going to a gym or health club can be a little intimidating.

A recent survey found that between 30 and 40 % of people who have a gym membership say they never use it.  Think about it—paying monthly for something you never use. Very often people get caught up in the sales and marketing efforts around the New Year and join.  Then they go for a few weeks and find the gym really isn’t a good match. So here are some simple actions to get the most out of any gym membership….

1.  Find a gym or club that is close to home or work- the closer it is the more likely you are to go.

2.  Take a tour and ask as many questions as you want before you join. Make sure it’s the right gym for you.—what kind of people work out there- are they like you?  Does the staff look friendly or intimidating? Do you feel at ease while you’re taking the tour?

3. Take advantage of free personal training or use of a trainer for a short time – you’ll get familiar with the equipment and develop a work routine.

4. Finally- if you’re feeling a little self-conscious train at “off –peak hours” when the gym is less crowded.

Remember every person in the gym was unsure of themselves the first time joined. The longer you stick with it, the more comfortable it will become.

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