Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We Better Take This Financial Stress "Thing" Seriously

Ok- so I am already hearing from people that we are going overboard on the "stress thing" related to the financial crisis.... Well, here is a deadly example of what is happening.  A man in an upscale community in Los Angeles killed his family and then himself over financial struggles that had been growing for several months. Click here to read the article.  We know that both depression rates and domestic violence rates rise during economic recessions. We know that finances are repeatedly reported as one of the most stressful life issues. So put two and two together- we ARE going to see increases in depression and domestic violence. We are going to see more suicides.  Mental health services during times like this are not a luxury, they are a necessity. Fortunately across the country there are free mental health services.  It may sound cliche but if you or someone you know is struggling, reach out and get help.  You can't deal with the financial crisis if you can't deal with life.


Sonya Shelton said...

It's amazing what can happen when we get caught up in stress. The situation with this family is so sad. And I agree, times like these require even more support for those we care about.


dr. josh klapow said...

You are right and if we follow the latest projections we will be feeling the impact for a significant period of time. More than ever before we are going to need to look out for others and as individuals we need to be brave enough to say we are not ok.


Max Ray said...

Absolutely correct, its high time we follow the latest projections. There is no denying that national belt-tightening will affect us all. For some it will mean swapping a couple of nights at the movies each month in favor of quieter and cheaper nights at home. But for others it will have much more serious consequences. We have noticed a sharp increase in domestic credit problems and distress because of financial situations. Problems with money can be very damaging and although no-one starts out suicidal, suicidal feelings can come with isolation, stress and a loss of control.