Monday, September 29, 2008

Touching a Nerve With the Listeners

I joined Rob and Shannon this morning on WMJJ Magic 96.5FM as I usually do on Mondays.  We always get a good number of calls but it's really hard to predict what topics connect most with the listeners. Today we were discussing why do women tolerate men who are unkind, not caring, self-centered, and frankly poor partners in a relationship or marriage? I thought we'd get a few calls but we really hit a nerve and very quickly the topic shifted from men who are basically jerks to men who are emotionally, sexually, and physically abusive.

The stories were horrendous. Many, many women who had gotten out of an abusive relationship called. But we also had many, many, women in the middle of verbally and physically abusive relationships call.  We also had a good number of men who felt they were being verbally bullied by their wives and girlfriends call in.  After nearly two hours of calls I was struck by the reality of this.  There are so many women in so many relationships with men who simply don't deserve to be with another person in a committed relationship.  Broader note- if he is mean, controlling, condescending or along those lines early in the relationship- DON'T TELL YOURSELF IT WILL GET BETTER- IT WON'T.  You deserve more. If you find yourself in an abusive relationship there are resources available to you... The YWCA has a national domestic violence program that can help you. Click here to get more information.  We must stop this. Thank you to all the listeners who had the courage to call.  Click here to listen to excerpts from the show.

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