Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our missing psychic

Well- we thought we'd pull a psychic in for the show to talk about how psychic readings, tarot cars, palm readings etc. can help people change their lives.. We were put on hold (forever!).... So because it was live radio we took the conversation in a different direction.  We talked couples being in a state of sexual denial. How the inablity to talk to each other about intimacy needs is the foundation for serious, serious marital problems.  So funny how many couples think they can just "do the deed" and communication is'nt needed. Well, gotta tell you- if you are living under that false assumption your sexual life and your relationship as a whole is at risk.  Bottom line-- don't live in a state of denial.  Do a gut check and listen. If something is not quite right have the courage to face it rather than run from it...


psychic said...

I have been having dreams in the past and at some point in the future they actually happen,
like as if i'm having a dejavu. Does this mean I have foresight or psychic power?

psychic said...

i am looking on yahoo, came to your post, i read couple of your post very nice.
hoping to read more such post in future.