Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oprah and Friends on XM- Talking About Same Sex Parenting

Had a great time as a guest on "Meet the Peetes". Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete host this XM radio program on the Oprah and Friends Network.  Today we talked about same sex parents.  Lots of questions about how to explain homosexuality to children when they ask "why does Mia have two mommies?"

What came out of most of the calls was that as we would expect, children are curious but have no real preconceived notions about same sex parents being "good" or "bad".  We talked about many of the concerns that people voice that are simply not supported by the scientific literature.  Issues like children of same-sex parents developing gender identity disorders; or children of same sex parents being at more risk for psychological illness; or children of same sex parents having poorer social development. The research simply doesn't support it.  When it comes to parenting, on average children of same sex parents fare as well as children of heterosexual parents.  Bottom line, there are good parents and not so good parents. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with your ability to be a good parent.   If you want to hear an excerpt from the show click here

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