Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Be Prepared For The Stress Of Tough Financial Times

Here are two quick videos with  simple strategies for managing stress in adults and children during crisis situations...


Katie Wilson said...

Hey Dr. Josh I have seen both the videos that you recommended and trust me they were just amazing. I think you are correct its high time we start thinking of ways to come out of financial stress like curing the debt, bankruptcy, low credit scores and etc. I read the latest book by Kevin Trudeau " The Debt Cures " so that i get some help from my debt problems but it was of no use. I am really impressed with your creativity and would love to receive more informative updates from you.


Katie Wilson

dr. josh klapow said...

Thanks Katie-- i think about spending and debt simply like a bad habit.. breaking any bad habit starts with some basics: Setting very specific reachable financial goals; Monitoring all spending; Arranging the environment for success (i.e. automatic savings withdrawl, reduction of credit cards etc.); Recruiting support from friends and family and finally Treating yourself for sticking with it... These basic skills (SMART skills) are the foundation of any habit change...jk