Friday, November 9, 2007

Resentment and Contempt: How Do Get Past the Hard Feelings

The support your father never gave you; the mom who was over protective; the in-laws who seem to meddle in every aspect of your life; your spouse who takes you for granted; the kids who show no love or respect; the friend who betrayed you; your boss who has no care or respect for you….. All are a part of life and all the pathway to feelings of resentment and contempt. Resentment and contempt are two of the deepest, most negative and destructive emotions we can have. But how do we let go? How do we fix a situation that causes us so much anguish?
I will be discussing this topic on Monday November 12th from 7-9am CST, on "The Rob and Shannon Show" Magic 96.5FM in Birmingham Alabama. Would love to get your input on this important topic and would like to try and answer as many emails or calls as possible. You can listen on-line at or send me an email at Look forward to hearing back from you...

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